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  4. Optimization Strategy

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The Amenities Analyzer is a powerful tool designed to improve your Airbnb listing by daily comparing your list of amenities with those of top-ranking competitors. It helps you identify missing amenities you already have but aren’t listed on Airbnb, and new amenities to add to your property based off your listing’s top-ranking competitors. 

It also has two switches: one for when "an amenity goes missing" and another for when "a new amenity is available to add." Turning on these switches lets you receive email notifications to stay updated.

With a complete list of amenities, you can boost your property's visibility, attract more guests, and increase your bookings and earnings.

Why It Matters

According to Airbnb, a detailed list of amenities can greatly boost your property's attractiveness and search ranking. The Amenities Analyzer helps you match your offerings to market expectations, and helps you ensure guests know your property has everything they need. 

Real-time notifications allow you to quickly address any gaps, keeping your listing competitive and appealing. This results in more satisfied guests, better reviews, and increased bookings, making your property a top choice for travelers.

Step-by-Step Walkthrough

Step 1: Access the Amenities Analyzer section

Log in to your Rankbreeze account. Navigate to the “My Properties” page and click on the “Rankings” button. Click the “Optimization Hub” tab. Scroll down to the Amenities Analyzer section. (It is the second section on this page).

Step 2: Review the Missing Amenities

Review the list of amenities that the top-ranking listings have and are missing from your list. Look out for

  • amenities present at your property but not listed and

  • amenities your listing lacks.


Step 3: “Turn On” Available Amenities Missing from your List

For amenities that are present at your property, head to Airbnb (how to add an amenity on Airbnb) or your Property Management System (PMS)  to “turn on” the amenity for your listing. 

Step 4: Decide on the Missing Amenities to “Add”

Decide which amenities you would like to add to your property. It could be something that’s easy to add and e.g. bed linens or perhaps an amenity that requires some investment, like a hot tub. 

⚠️Remember to “turn on” the amenity after adding it to your property.

? The amenities are ordered from most common to rarest. For example, the image below shows “Bed linens” is a more common amenity among top-ranking listings than “Hot tub”

Step 5: Setup Email Notifications of New/Disappearing Amenities

Set up notifications within the Amenities Analyzer to get email notifications when 

  • One of your listing’s amenities goes missing - this could be due to human error, updates, etc.

  • A new amenity is available to add to your listing - there are changes in the amenities offered by top-ranking properties in your area. 

This helps you stay competitive by quickly adapting to new trends. 


Step 6: Track/Test Your Update In the A/B Testing Section

Record the updates you’ve made in the Optimization Journal under the A/B testing section. Click here to learn about A/B Testing. Keep an eye on changes in your listing’s performance after adding new amenities through the A/B Testing section of Rankbreeze.

⚠️ It’s not typical to remove an amenity so you can set the tracking duration to infinity. 

Step 7: Review & Update Your Amenities

Review your amenity notifications emails and update your listing to stay competitive, enhance guest satisfaction, and maintain high ratings.

Optimization Strategy 

  • Regular Updates: Periodically update your amenities to keep up with competitive offerings.

  • Prioritize High-Impact Amenities: Focus on adding amenities that are highly valued by guests, such as high-speed internet or a dedicated workspace.

  • Photos: Where applicable, remember to include photos of your amenities in your photo reel.

  • Listing Description / Photo Captions: Highlight the unique features and details in your descriptions and/or captions. E.g. relax in the private hot tub after a long day

  • Incorporate Guest Feedback: Use the review analyzer for additional insights to decide which amenities might enhance their experience and prioritize them.

  • Partnerships with Local Businesses: Form partnerships with local rental companies for seasonal or specialty items like kayaks, or beach equipment. This allows you to offer these amenities without the cost of ownership and maintenance.

  • Buy vs. Rent: Evaluate whether to buy or rent certain amenities. For example, renting seasonal amenities like outdoor furniture, BBQ grills, or bicycles can provide guests with the right amenities for their stay without the burden of storage and maintenance for you. Conversely, buying frequently used items, such as kitchen appliances or linens, can be more economical in the long run.

  • Track the Impact: Use Rankbreeze A/B Testing tool to see the results of adding new amenities to your listing. 


Q: Can adding amenities suggested by the analyzer guarantee higher bookings?

A: While no guarantees can be made, aligning your amenities with top-performing properties generally enhances guest satisfaction and appeal, potentially leading to more bookings.

Q: I turned on the amenity in my PMS but it's not showing on Airbnb. Why?

A: The amenity name on your PMS may not be the same as Airbnb. It’s best to reach out to your PMS.

Q: I can't find an amenity in my PMS. Why?

A: Some amenities on Airbnb may not be listed in your PMS. It’s best to reach out to your PMS to inquire further.

Q: I can’t find an amenity on Airbnb?    

A: Some amenities are found under other amenities. Finding Sub-Amenities on Airbnb

Q: How often is the amenity analyzer updated? Do I need to refresh after turning on an amenity?

A: The list of amenities is updated daily. If you turn on an amenity today, it won’t show up the next day.

Q: What are the “One of my amenities goes missing” and “A new amenity is available to add to my listing” toggles at the bottom for?    

A: They are used to turn on email notifications for the amenity analyzer. The “One of my amenities goes missing” will alert you when an amenity that was listed the previous day is no longer listed and the “A new amenity is available to add to my listing” when new amenities have been added to the list.

This tool empowers hosts to strategically enhance their listings by aligning with market trends and guest preferences, thereby increasing their competitive edge and potential revenue.