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The Keyword Ideas tool within the Optimization Hub provides suggestions for popular keywords that top-ranking competitors in your overall search area and within a 2km radius of your listing use in their titles and descriptions. This tool can help you optimize your own listing for better visibility, appeal, and overall performance.

Why It Matters

Keywords in the title and description of an Airbnb listing are important for: 

  • Improved Ranking and Search Visibility: Listings with clear and relevant keywords that accurately describe their characteristics can rank higher in search results. Keywords help your listing appear in search results and rank higher. For example, if a guest’s search includes “hot tub”; listings with that keyword in their title are more likely to show up - example of a search w/ keyword

  • Relevance and Click-Through Rate: Including relevant keywords makes your listing more attractive to guests looking for specific features, like a "pet-friendly cabin." A well-crafted title with key features catches guests' attention and encourages clicks.

  • Guest Expectations: Clear descriptions with specific keywords set accurate expectations, leading to better reviews and fewer cancellations.

Using keywords effectively can significantly enhance your listing's visibility, appeal, and overall performance.

Step-by-Step Walkthrough

Step 1: Access your Listing’s Keyword Ideas section

Log in to your Rankbreeze account. Navigate to “My Properties” page and click on the listing’s “Rankings” button. Click the “Optimization Hub” tab. “Keyword Ideas” is the first section on this page.


Step 2: Identify Keywords Relevant to Your Listing

Examine the popular keywords that top-ranking competitors in your area are using in their title and their description then identify the keywords that apply to your listing.

 Click the column header to sort the keywords by Suggestions, ADR, Avg. Occupancy or Page (Avg.) 

Step 3: Sprinkle the Relevant Keywords into your Title & Description

Sprinkle the relevant keywords into your listing’s title and description where they would naturally fit. Be sure it flows with your existing description.

 Click “Title example”/”Description examples” to see AI generated examples of how you can add the keywords.

 Click the copy icon next to keyword example to copy the phrase.


Step 4: A/B Test the Change

Add the change you’ve made to the Optimization Journal under the A/B testing section. Keep an eye on how the change impacts your listing’s visibility, and adjust as needed. Click here to access the A/B Testing guide

Step 5: Refresh Your Description

Update your listing from time to time to set clearer expectations. Consider a quarterly or seasonal refresh to stay current with competitor trends.

 Click the Refresh button to update your keywords. 

Pro Tips

  • Save Keywords: Use the star icon to save favorite keywords or examples, ensuring they remain accessible even after refreshing the section.

Optimization Strategy 

  • Periodic Reviews: Regularly assess and update your keywords to align with evolving travel trends, significant local events or seasonal attractions. This proactive approach helps maintain your listing's appeal and competitiveness.

  • Align Visuals with Keywords: Ensure your photos match the promises made in your keywords. For instance, if you highlight a "Fantastic View," include striking images of the view to reinforce the message and attract more interest.

  • Ordering Titular Keywords: Airbnb sometimes cuts off the titles. Ensure the most appealing keywords come first. Other words could go at the end.


Q: How often should I update my listing description?

A: Ideally, reviewing and updating your description should be done every quarter/season or in response to significant changes in your local area or guest feedback, to stay relevant and competitive.

Q: Are the description keywords limited to the 500 char summary?    

A: No. The description keywords can be used in every section under “About this space” (i.e. the content a guest sees after clicking "Show more" "About this Space" section on Airbnb)

Q: How are the Keywords gotten? Are they related to my location & the size of my home?    

A: We analyze top Airbnb listings in your area by searching for similar properties based on your listing's details. We gather data from listings on the first 3 pages, including titles, descriptions, ranks, ratings, and average daily rates. We also do a local search within 2 km. We identify the most common keywords in titles and descriptions to find the best ones that enhance your listing's visibility and performance.

Enhance your listing through careful keyword optimization, increasing its visibility and attractiveness to prospective guests.