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Competitor Rates section

The Competitor Rates section allows you to monitor and compare your Airbnb listing’s daily base pricing against that of selected competitors, track the daily availability and the minimum night requirement for the next 180 days in a multi-calendar view, offering a strategic advantage in price positioning.

Why It Matters

Keeping an eye on competitor pricing, daily occupancy and minimum night requirements helps you understand market trends, supply and demand, and adjust your rates to stay competitive, ensuring you maximise occupancy and revenue without undercutting your profit margins.

Step-by-Step Walkthrough

Step 1: Access the Competitor Rates section  

Log in to your Rankbreeze account. Navigate to “My Properties” page and click on “Rankings” button. Scroll down to the Competitor Rates section. It is the fourth section on this page.

How to Navigate to the Competitor Rates section

Step 2: Add Competitors 

Click on the 'Add Competitors' button to bring up the map of nearby properties.

Competitor Rates section. Empty state


Manually copy the competitor listing’s URL from Airbnb, paste it in a special field (see “A” in the image below), and click “Save” button OR select the listings by checking them off (see “B” in the image below).

Select Nearby Properties To Monitor page

Step 3: Compare the Prices, Availability, Minimum Nights Requirement  

View the multi-calendar display showing how your rates, availability, minimum night requirement compare to those of your competitors on a daily basis. 

Compare the Prices, Availability, Minimum Nights Requirement

Pro Tips

  • Expand/collapse the competitors list.  

    Expand and collapse the competitors list

  • Reorganize the competitors list upon your convenience. 

    Reorganize the competitors list

  • Filter listings on the Competitors Adding page based on bathrooms & bedrooms number.

    Filtering based on bathrooms and bedrooms number

Optimization Strategy  

  • Anticipate Market Changes: React proactively to pricing trends in your area.

  • Dynamic Pricing Adjustments: Use insights from competitor rates to adjust your prices in real-time during high demand periods or when competitors lower their prices.

  • Seasonal Pricing Strategy: Adjust your rates based on seasonal competitor pricing patterns to ensure your listing remains attractive year-round.


Q: How do I choose which competitors to track?

A: Select competitors that match or closely resemble your property in terms of location and the number of bedrooms and/or bathrooms to ensure the data is relevant.

Q: Can I remove a competitor from my list?

A: Yes, you can manage your list of competitors at any time by removing properties that no longer compare directly to yours or adding new ones as the market evolves.  

Q: The prices don't match what I have on my PMS/on Airbnb Pricing calendar    

A: Rankbreeze displays the basenight prices the guest sees when they are visiting the Airbnb listing page. Read our Article “Why don't the base night prices match the rates in the Competitor Rate?” for more details.

Q: The prices for blocked dates are not visible like the training videos. How do I see them?    

A: Following the release of Airbnb's 2023 Winter update, we found that the prices we were receiving for dates that are unavailable for booking (i.e. the blue boxes) were no longer accurate, so we decided to remove them.You can still make precise pricing decisions based on supply. For example, if the majority of the listing's competitors are unavailable to book for the weekend, it means that guests have less options, which gives an available listing a pricing advantage.    

Q: I keep seeing a spinning wheel instead of prices for competitors that I add. What is wrong?    

A: Typically, listings that have the rolling circle are no longer active on Airbnb. You can check it by clicking the name of the listing. If the listing isn’t active, you’ll see an Airbnb error message. If this is not the case, please reach out to