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Property Search Rankings Section

The Property Search Rankings section provides a visual representation of where your property ranks in a specific area/location on Airbnb (i.e. Kelowna on the image example) based on your open calendar dates. 

We show the listing's average rank for various numbers of guests and length of stays. There are three sections: 

  • "All Homes" Category is based on searches for custom check-in and check-out dates, 

  • "Weekly Stays" is based on flexible searches for "Any week" stays within the next 12 months, 

  • "Monthly Stays" is based on flexible searches for "Any Month" stays within the next 12 months. 

Line charts are used to make your rankings easy to perceive visually.

Why It Matters

Understanding your property's ranking for different guest counts within your open calendar, weekly and monthly stays, helps you gauge your competitive edge and visibility in Airbnb searches. This insight allows you to tailor your listing content and pricing strategies to boost your ranking and attract more bookings. Thus, the ranking is at the very beginning of the search funnel, and it indicates how high a property appears in search results when potential guests search for accommodations, affecting the impressions number. The higher rankings typically lead to greater visibility, which can increase the likelihood of bookings.

Step-by-Step Walkthrough 

Step 1: Access the Property Search Rankings section

Log in to your Rankbreeze account. Navigate to “My Properties” page and click on “Rankings” button. Scroll down to the Property Search Rankings section. It is the second section on this page.

How to Navigate to the Property Search Rankings section

Step 2: Analyze Ranking trends

Begin by reviewing the line charts in your open calendar (when your property is available for check-in and check-out, the ‘All Homes’ tab) to understand the overall trend of your rankings for different guest counts. Focus particularly on how rankings fluctuate and trend over time. If they are trending to the top right corner of the chart, it means they are showing up better in the search results. 

Property Search Rankings Trend

Step 3: View details

Hover over a dot on the chart to see the search details. The tooltip shows the search date, guest count, and the listing's average ranking with the corresponding page number based on multiple check-in and check-out dates. 

The screenshot below shows that this listing's average ranking was #34 (i.e. page 2) for a guest count of 3 for multiple searches done on May 28, 2024.

Note: The dates on the chart / tooltip represents the date the search was done not the date used in the search.

Property Search Rankings Hover Over

Step 4: Check Average Rankings for Weekly and Monthly stays

Take a look at the listing's rankings when guest search for flexible stays. The "Weekly" Stays tab show results for "any week" stays within the next 12 months and the "Monthly" Stays tab represents the results for "any month" stays within the next 12 months

Property Search Rankings. Weekly Stays

Step 5: Monitor and Refine

Keep a close watch on the red vertical lines in the chart, which represent your A/B testing experiments. Assess how the changes you've implemented affect your property’s rankings.  

Property Search Rankings. A/B Testing Representation

Pro Tips

  • Hide Guest Counts for Clarity: Utilize the chart legend to turn on and off lines for specific guest counts. This helps isolate data for a clear view of how specific changes or trends affect your ranking for each guest count. When disabled, the guest count will turn grey at the bottom of the chart.

Property Search Rankings. Chart lines enabling/disabling door different guest count

  • Change Location: If you would like the location of the Search to be different in Rankbreeze, please reach out to us on with the name of the location you want and the listing(s) you want changed.

    Property Search Rankings Location

Optimization Strategy

  • Monitor Trends: Regularly check your property’s ranking changes for various guest counts and stay durations.

  • Pricing Adjustments: Use the Rankbreeze Pricing Engine to modify your pricing strategy for weekly and monthly stays. E.g. offer discounts for extended stays to attract guests looking for longer accommodations.

  • Add Amenities for Longer Stays: Add and/or highlight amenities like fast Wi-Fi, kitchen appliances, laundry facilities, etc. that are crucial for guests staying longer. 

  • Test the Changes: Track the changes with the Rankbreeze A/B Testing Tool.


Q: How can I use the chart to improve my ranking?

A: Use the chart to track your property’s position over time. Click on the guest count in the chart legend to toggle the display and focus on specific data. Analyzing these trends can help you identify successful strategies, trends, and areas for improvement. Regularly updating and refining your listing based on data insights can lead to better visibility and more bookings.

Q: What should I do if my charts are showing a decline?

A: If you notice a decline in your charts, consider reviewing and optimizing your listing details, photos, and pricing. Utilize Rankbreeze A/B testing tool to measure the impact of the changes.

Q: What location are you searching for my listing?    

A: We use the location specified in the description of the Property Search Rankings chart, on top of this section. 


Q: Can I change the location?    

A: Yes. To change your listings search location, please reach out to us on with the name of the location you want and the listing(s) you want changed.

Q: Why are my rankings bouncing around a lot?    

A: A lot of activity is happening on Airbnb; new listings are added some are being removed, bookings are being confirmed and cancellations are made. These activities in addition to others can cause rankings to bounce around. 

Q: I've made a lot of changes but it's not making any difference. What should I do?    

If changes to your property listing aren't yielding results, review and ensure all modifications were applied correctly and give them time to take effect. Utilize Rankbreeze A/B testing tool to evaluate effectiveness and consider seeking feedback from guests or consulting with property management experts. Adjust your strategies based on seasonal trends and ongoing data analysis to align better with market demands.

By following this guide and utilizing insights from the Property Search Rankings section, you can strategically enhance your Airbnb listing’s visibility and attractiveness for various types of stays.