Update: This issue has been resolved ✅

Data from Oct 8-13th has been removed

What Happened? The Situation

On Saturday, Oct. 8, 2022, we started running into issues collecting rankings data for some properties.

This was a situation where an "inch can very quickly become a mile" & that's exactly what happened. 

For some deeper details, Rankbreeze has thousands of 'duties' each day for collecting rankings within 24 hours & once a single job starts to back up the system, it can lead to a big traffic jam very quickly.

Currently, we are collecting around 70% of the total rankings that we need to gather each day & are working to get this number higher.

Why Do Some Of My Rankings Look Different After Oct 8?

If you're looking at your chart, you might see some major differences between where you were ranked before Oct 8 & after. 

This is because the line chart is an average & we are collecting fewer rankings than before to create that average number.

Keep in mind that the data we collected was correct, but there just wasn't as much data to formulate the average with.

Why Does The 'Calendar Rankings Table' Seem Different Than The 'Calendar Rankings Chart'?

The data in the Line Chart contains more data than the Table. 

Currently, the Table has a fixed limit of date ranges displayed & this is because of the loading times for the table. The more date ranges we display, the longer the loading times for that section.

If your property's Line Chart is different than the Table, it means there is data missing from the Table. 

We are working to resolve this and show a better visualization of the complete data.

How Are We Fixing This?

Block Chart Data for Oct 8 - 13th

  • We can remove the data for Oct 8-10 from being displayed in your Calendar Rankings Chart
  • This is optional so please let us know if you'd like us to do this
  • We're not sure if this is the best approach but the option is there if you'd like us to block data from those dates

Improving Our Data Collection Process

  • We're trying to improve the speed at which we collect data each day
  • We're also trying to improve our database to accept more simultaneous connections. As an example, if you can imagine a door with people going through it 24 hours a day, that's what it's like with our database, so there's always a cue & we need more doors

We are working very hard to repair the situation.

Thank you for your help & understanding during this time.