Skip to 3:34 in the video to go directly to the Market Report section

To create a Market Report in Rankbreeze, you'll need to use the AirReview Pro extension.

1) Install the AirReview Browser Extension and register your profile 

    (here's the link version of AirReview for Chrome)

2) Add the API Key found in the Market Report page in Rankbreeze

3) Select an area on the Airbnb map, click "Get Listing Data"

4) Finally, click the "Get Market Report" button that appears

The market report gathers all the listings in the area you selected, based on the properties that show up in the search results.

If you'd like to collect all the listings in the area, then remove any filters - including dates.

If you'd like to collect only certain listings, for example entire homes, then apply the entire homes filter so that only entire homes show up.

After you click the "Market Report" button, we'll start collecting the listings and you'll soon get a report in Market Report page in Rankbreeze

In this report, you'll get the following insights:

  • Top properties in the area
  • Top amenities in the area
  • Occupancy rates, average nightly prices
  • Average income based on property types

Here are some examples: