"If my property listing isn't published on Airbnb yet, can I still use your optimized listing service?"

Yes, absolutely!

If your listing isn't live yet, we can still fit into your onboarding process.

What do we need?

We need two main assets from you:

1) A link to your photos. You can upload your photos on Google Drive, Dropbox or any other cloud storage system of your choice. Then send us the link when you finish your purchase.

2) We'd also like a bullet point outline to help create your listing. Please include the following information in bullet form about the property:

  • Address
  • Maximum guest count
  • Bedrooms & bathroom details
  • Living room details
  • Kitchen details
  • Outdoor space details
  • Special amenities
  • Other unique things about the property or neighborhood
  • Requirements from your housing associations (if necessary)
  • Anything else that you think is important to highlight

In general, we're looking for a simple bullet point list and we'll expand on it to create your listing for you. 

After we've created your description and you've published the listing, then we'll move onto the next phase of the process, which is our SEO Campaigns.