The average 'length of stay' (ALOS) setting helps divide up your calendar dates.

For example, you may have the next 30 days available like this calendar below. 

If this is the case and your Average Length of Stay setting is 4 nights, then we will divide your calendar into 4 nights and showcase the rankings with those date ranges.

We can either automatically detect and make this decision for you, or if you want more customizability, then you can override and choose the ALOS yourself.

How do we automatically detect your Average Length of Stay?

We look for your highest 'minimum nights requirement' and set the Average Length of Stay above that. It is usually 2 nights above your highest minimum nights requirement.

When will I want to choose the manual setting?

You may want to choose the manual setting when the date ranges that appear in the Available Dates Rankings are not ideal. 

For example, we've automatically set your listing's ALOS to be 9 nights. This means we will divide your calendar by 9 nights.

But you may want to see your dates divided by 4 nights because it's the average number of nights guests stay at your listing. So you can choose 4 nights in the dropdown menu and this will override our automatic settings.

From there, your calendar should be divided by a maximum of 4 nights.

WARNING: If your ALOS setting is below your minimum night stay we won't find your listing when we search Airbnb.