To use the Pricing Calendar to it's full potential, you will want to find your best competitors and add them into the text box.

To find your competitors:

1. Spot Check Button

Click the spot check button below the text field. This will open up a new tab on your window and take you directly to your listing on Airbnb 

2. Narrow Down Competitors

Adjust the Airbnb map to find listings that are similar to yours. You can narrow down your competitors by similar quality, location, amenities, and anything else.

Try to answer this question, "In my area, which listings would a guest consider booking instead of my own?"

3. Copy/Paste Your Competitors URL

Once you've found a few competitors, copy and paste the competitor's Airbnb URL into the text field and press the add button

4. Optimize Your Prices Against Competitors

After you've added your competitors, you will be able to compare your own prices to theirs for the next 6 months.

To make pricing adjustments to your own listing, click the pencil and enter in a new price.

To update your prices from calendar, you will need to integrate your account with Rankbreeze

Pricing Tips

  • If your direct competitors are booked, you will have more flexibility to raise prices. It's likely that demand is higher during these dates or your competitors are priced too low.
  • If your competitors are still available, consider price matching them but also keep in mind how far away the dates are. If you are confident in your prices being higher and still getting booked, then keep them high because the check-in dates are still far away.