Yes, we try to provide an objective viewpoint of your rankings but there are also complexities too. Mostly because there are multiple ways to search on Airbnb + all the calendar dates.

Here are some quick thoughts to help you understand more of what you're seeing and how are showing it:

1) We grab a multitude of snapshots for your rankings. For example, we will search your listing's open calendar dates but we will also search other user's calendar dates (that are in your city) and if your listing is found within that search, we'll bundle it into your average metrics.

Here's an example: You have Jan 1-5 open so we run a search for that date and give you your rankings. Another user in your city will have Jan 1-3 open and we run that search for them, but we also find your listing too while doing that! So when we find your listing in another search, we add that into your data as part of the "average" that you see.

2) Each time we collect ranking data, it's a snapshot of time. Rankings on Airbnb are dynamic and move around based on Guests eating up the supply but also from Airbnb updating metrics on each listing and host profile.

3) There are three areas for you to get ranking information from Rankbreeze: the email report, the table for calendar rankings, and the charts. 

Your charts and tables on Rankbreeze are the most accurate viewpoint, not the ranking reports. 

So please be sure to investigate those and give them more weight than the email reports. 

The email reports are just a single data point, whereas the chart and tables provide better data.  Remember Airbnb rankings move around a lot so it's best to look at a set of dates, months and guest counts - instead of the single date that's provided in the email report.