Once you've uploaded the new listing we've provided to you, there are 3 promotions campaigns that follow:

1) A Wishlisting Campaign

2) A Time-on-Page Campaign

3) A Click-Through-Rate Campaign or another Wishlisting Campaign (this depends on your city which we'll explain below)

What is a Wishlisting campaign?

A Wishlisting campaign involves asking folks to Wishlist your property in the first campaign. 

If your city has enough search volume from Google, we will create a wishlist "list" in the 3rd campaign. A Wishlist list is a Wishlist collection on an Airbnb guest profile that targets a specific keyword so that it can be optimized for Google SEO as well.

What is a Time-on-Page campaign?

This involves asking people to come onto your listing and spend a longer time than normal. It's accomplished through a fleet of workers spread across the globe.

What is a Click-Through-Rate campaign?

This campaign involves driving clicks to your listing via the same fleet of workers that are involved with the Time-On-Page campaign. It is exactly what it sounds like, they search for your city, then for your listing and "click-through" to your listing.