Before anything, ensure you have the foundations for a listing that deserves to be ranked higher.

Often times, folks ask us for advice on their rankings but they do not have the foundations set first.

1. You should to have great images first (resources below.)

2. You should create an optimized listing description (resources below.)

Once this has been completed, you should do all the things you would imagine a great host would be from the standpoint of Airbnb.

Respond to messages quickly, don't cancel people, have a higher acceptance rate, etc.

Once that's in place, here are extra things you can do:

1. Spot check your upcoming weekends with the Live Map Rankings. Check how competitive your prices are, photos are, etc.

2. Make small changes to your listing consistently.

3. Try to increase the average time that someone spends on your listing.

4. Always consider the flow of the Airbnb guest and try to improve every part. A traveler will search -> click -> assess -> return back OR close the window OR message you OR book!

Here a few resources that will also be extremely helpful: