We've provided a full, step-by-step write up of our Airbnb SEO strategy here.

In a nutshell, the Service is split into 2 phases.

  • Phase 1 - Optimization of Listing Description 
  • Phase 2 - Engagement Campaigns


In this phase, we use keywords from top ranking listings to create an Optimized Listing description based off your existing description, photos, details in your form and additional research. The steps involved include:

Research (3 business days)

Writing (3 business days)

Editing + QA + Photos (4 business days)

It takes around 10 business days to complete this phase, we understand that this may seem like a long time but we need a few days of data before we can move off of research.

When we're done, you will receive an Optimized Listing Description, Enhanced Photos and Collages to carry out your own QA and upload to Airbnb.

PHASE 2 - Engagement Campaigns

After you upload the listing, we will then run 3 engagement campaigns roughly 1 week apart:

  • A Wishlisting campaign
  • A Click-through-rate campaign
  • A Time-on-page campaign

Read more about each Campaign here

During this phase, we record our campaigns in your A/B Test section and send you a final report upon completion.


The purchase price for the service is as follows;

  • $397/Listing for 1 listing
  • $349/listing for 2 listings
  • $333/listing for 3 or more listings

To purchase the listing description service, please find the "Listing Optimization Service" on the application and click "Learn More". 

On the page that opens up, scroll to the bottom to choose the number of listings you want optimized and checkout.