We've provided a full, step-by-step write up of our Airbnb SEO strategy here.

In a nutshell, we first do the following:

Research (4 days)

Writing (3 days)

Editing + QA (3 Days)

Deliver your Optimized Listing Description with a full report.

It takes around 14-20 days to complete the research and writing process, we understand that this may seem like a long time but we need a few days of data before we can move off of research.

For example, we need to find a listing with clean rankings and is also a top-earner in your area. We can't see historical rankings, so we need a few days to assess whether they are "clean", vs poor or jumping all over the place.

After you upload the listing, we will then run 3 promotions campaigns:

A Wishlisting campaign

A Click-through-rate campaign

A Time-on-page campaign

To purchase the listing description service, please find the "Listing Optimization Service" on the menu of the application.